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Approach to Success

My simple approach is effective for even the most complex projects. I tackle project-based initiatives by building genuine relationships with the team, collaborative planning, and holistic communication. My three core components for success - projects, partnership, and planning - are so important to me, they inspired the name of my business. Welcome to Sage 3 Consulting.

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Ideation to Implementation

Do you have an idea that you’d love to bring to life? I provide companies with a wide range of consulting services to meet them where they are, and find the right strategy to get them across the finish line.

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Expert Guidance

The project team members are essential to the success of turning an initiative into a final product or service. I engage and partner with all stakeholders to ensure that outcomes are collectively built, approved, and desired.

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The Path to Success

The path from current state to ideal state isn't always easy. After assessing the project, I use a variety of techniques to make sure the most appropriate steps are taken in the right order, while remaining flexible for changes along the way.

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